Empowering Autonomous Fleets

Simulair is a Cloud-Based robotics simulation platform that enables autonomous fleet simulations in physics-enabled and dynamic digital twins of smart cities.

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Set up and run in 3 simple steps


Start a Simulation Instance

Create and manage simulated environments via Web Interface


Connect Your System

Link your system in SITL or HITL mode to your simulated environment via easy-to-use interfaces


Just Simulate!

Manage fleets, test connectivity, develop your  software, optimize mission routes. All in hyper-realistic models of actual cities.  

Key Features

Route Optimization

Optimize your routes for speed, distance, safety or any parameter you need, using real-time and historic traffic, weather, pedestrian and connectivity data.  

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Fleet Management

Test and simulate your existing operations and plans for expansion in new cities with unlimited number of robots.


Simulate signal strength, connection quality, network load and corner cases on cellular networks and direct links.


Cloud Based

Run and manage computationally heavy simulations on your existing devices without depending on your own compute resources.


Connect your software running on any device via easy-to-use APIs. Integrate third-party data providers, simulations, models and scenarios. 


Simulate your fleet in a dynamic, living city with real vehicles, real robots and real people. Collaborate with your team, share configurations and develop together. 

Network Operators

We've got you covered. Test and plan your infrastructure to get ready for the autonomous mobility revolution.      

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